The ClimateScanner is a SAI Brazil led initiative on Coordinated Rapid Reviews which is connected to the Brazil’s INTOSAI Chairmanship from the INCOSAI 2022 onwards. The project aims to develop and disseminate an innovative rapid review method and a tool for assessing governments' actions to deal with climate change under three axes: governance, public policies, and finance. The ClimateScanner framework is being designed by an Executive Group comprising 18 SAIs and the tool is also benefitting form the contibution of experts. The actual usage of the ClimateScanner would entail assessments at the national level as well as a global view, providing valuable information for national governments, citizens, and other stakeholders as well as for future in-depth work in national jurisdictions by SAIs themselves.

The initiative is carried out as joint project, where the role of the INTOSAI WGEA is to provide expertise on climate change and SAI activities on the topic, as well as the connections to the global climate organisations and networks.

Please find more information on the ClimateScanner website.


Project Lead:


Executive Group:


SAIs of Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, European Court of Auditors, Finland, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Maldives, Morocco, New Zealand, Philippines, Slovakia, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, UK, and USA.

Regional Coordination:

 SAI New Zealand for PASAI.

Key Outcomes: 

  • ClimateScanner methodology
  • Individual national reviews
  • Global overview
  • Methodological support for tool application
  • Input for future work on climate change by SAIs

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