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29-Apr-2024 - NEWS

Conclusions from the UN/INTOSAI Symposium and interview with Dr Åsa Persson

Over 200 SAIs gathered in Vienna for the 26th UN/INTOSAI Symposium held 16-18 April. The event was organized by the General Secretariat of INTOSAI, SAI Austria and the United Nations Department of Eco…

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03-Apr-2024 - NEWS

22nd INTOSAI WGEA Assembly Seminar Summary published

The Seminar Summaries special report from the 22nd INTOSAI WGEA Assembly, held 22-24 January 2024, is now available on our website. The special report is based on the first day of the Assembly, which …

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28-Mar-2024 - NEWS

The 11th Survey on Environmental Auditing open until 5 April

The INTOSAI WGEA surveys which overview the global public sector environmental audit practices have been conducted among the INTOSAI members in every three years since early 1990s, each culminating wi…

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27-Mar-2024 - NEWS

Read our recent blogs on new working group members and the INTOSAI WGEA Awards

The INTOSAI WGEA Secretariat published a blog post in March on the recent expansion of the WGEA with three new members in 2023. In relation to this, SAI Vietnam and SAI Nepal provided short commentari…

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20-Mar-2024 - NEWS

Watch webinar on PEFA and PEFA Climate

The webinar “PEFA and PEFA Climate: useful aspects for SAIs?”, held 14 March, is now available on the INTOSAI WGEA Youtube channel. The webinar discusses the Public Expenditure and Financial Accountab…

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12-Mar-2024 - EVENTS

INTOSAI WGEA Assembly Expert Interview videos available on Youtube

The 22nd INTOSAI WGEA Assembly Expert Interview videos are now available on the INTOSAI WGEA Youtube channel. The videos feature interviews on themes discussed at the Assembly such as environmental ch…

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