Welcome to the 22nd INTOSAI WGEA Assembly Website!

Here you will find the information about the next Assembly on Auditing the Arctic – Environmental Change and Indigenous Knowledge to be arranged in Rovaniemi, which is the northmost location for the Assembly. The INTOSAI WGEA Assembly is organized biennially, and it is targeted at INTOSAI WGEA member institutions and stakeholders.

The Assembly meeting, hosted by the National Audit Office of Finland, will be held on 22-24 January in Rovaniemi, Finland, which is located at the Arctic Circle. The meeting location complements the topic of the Assembly on ‘Auditing the Arctic – Environmental Change and Indigenous Knowledge’.

The programme includes sessions on the meeting topic and provides possibilities to exchange information related to our INTOSAI WGEA work. The first day will address the main topic with presentations from keynote speakers followed by panel discussions with international experts and auditors. The second day continues with parallel project and method workshops focusing on the WGEA Work Plan projects. The official programme of the Assembly is concluded on the third day with topical WGEA matters, novel Assembly recommendations as well as WGEA Award.  

The Assembly meeting ends on 24th, however a separate invitation is sent to the WGEA Steering Committee for an additional meeting for Thursday morning 25th.  Parallel to the 22nd WGEA Assembly, the IDI’s Global Foundations Unit will organize a workshop on how to seek donor support to audit climate-related topics on 23-25 January. 

More information will be updated to this website as the date of the Assembly approaches, so stay tuned!


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