INTOSAI-Donor Cooperation Working Group on Climate Change

INTOSAI-Donor Cooperation Working Group on Climate Change

The INTOSAI-Donor Cooperation (IDC) is a strategic partnership between INTOSAI and donors that work to scale up support to supreme audit institutes (SAIs). The IDC Strategy includes goals on supporting SAI-led support and efforts on evaluation implementation of SDGs. This includes members providing financial and technical capacity building to SAIs. Following the pandemics, the IDC Steering Committee recognised a need to help SAIs become more responsive to global trends and development and established working groups on Climate Change and Technology. The Climate Change Working group’s objectives are to scale up support on climate change audits, helping to secure peer-to-peer support. It is an important principle for the working group to harmonise its activities with the INTOSAI WGEA and not to duplicate activities.

This project is a joint initiative by the IDC Working Group work and the INTOSAI WGEA to support their objectives, including other activities in the climate and biodiversity hub. The group is coordinated by IDI Global Foundations Unit (GFU) and it will report to the IDC Steering Committee but also to the INTOSAI WGEA Steering Committee. The work of the group includes identifying opportunities for support to SAIs wishing to build technical capacities, in addition to providing technical expertise. The group can also provide training to the INTOSAI WGEA members, through the IDI Global Foundations Unit.

Both projects conducted in collaboration with IDI (this and the Climate Change Adaptation Action) could also support the twinning-type of mentoring collaboration, where SAIs doing their first environmental audit could seek support from a more experienced SAI. This is planned to take the format of a pilot project. Any future actions could be built based on experiences gained in the pilot. The willingness to act as a mentor or seek mentoring is inquired in the WGEA project survey in 2023.


Project Lead:


Project Group

IDC Working Group and INTOSAI WGEA Secretariat

Key Outcomes: 

  • SAIs trained on donor engagement (in relation to environmental audits)
  • Expertise support for the INTOSAI WGEA projects
  • Scaled up support to climate change and related audits
  • Providing meeting points between donors and SAIs

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