Read our recent blogs on new working group members and the INTOSAI WGEA Awards


The INTOSAI WGEA Secretariat published a blog post in March on the recent expansion of the WGEA with three new members in 2023. In relation to this, SAI Vietnam and SAI Nepal provided short commentaries on their new membership and aspirations to join the working group. Both SAIs expressed their eager motivation to enhance mutual learning, by sharing and learning from other SAIs. Read the blog here: Aspirations for community-based environmental auditing - insights from new INTOSAI WGEA member SAIs

In our second blog, Ms Sylva Müllerová who is an Auditor at the Supreme Audit Office of the Czech Republic describes the selection process for the INTOSAI WGEA Award. Ms Müllerová chaired this year’s INTOSAI WGEA Award Jury. The INTOSAI WGEA Award, which was most recently awarded at the 22nd INTOSAI WGEA Assembly in January, has a changing theme. This year the theme Impactful Environmental Audit was divided into three categories making the selection process more multifaceted than before. Read the blog here: Behind the Scenes: Selection process and winners of the third INTOSAI WGEA Award