INTOSAI WGEA Assembly Expert Interview videos available on Youtube


The 22nd INTOSAI WGEA Assembly Expert Interview videos are now available on the INTOSAI WGEA Youtube channel. The videos feature interviews on themes discussed at the Assembly such as environmental change in the Arctic, indigenous knowledge, sustainability reporting as well advancing sustainability both nationally and internationally.

Environmental Change and Indigenous knowledge were the two main topics of 22nd INTOSAI WGEA Assembly. In his interview video Petteri Taalas, who has returned from his position as Secretary-General of World Meteorological Organization back to Director General of Finnish Meteorological Institute, argues that when it comes to Arctic environmental change melting of glaciers and sea level rise have already occurred irreversibly. With regards to weather patterns, the negative trend will in any case continue until the 2060’s.

Eeva Primmer who is, Research Director at the Finnish Environment Institute, also speaks about how environmental problems in the Arctic are representative of international and interconnected challenges. These problems impact people in different parts of the world at varying degrees. Nonetheless, environmental problems are also governed by people.

The second Assembly topic on of the Assembly is covered in the second interviews series video which addresses indigenous knowledge, the Sámi Climate Council and taking First Nations perspectives into account in the work of Supreme Audit Institutions. The interviews discuss what indigenous knowledge is and how it can help in tackling global warming with the help of University of Lapland’s Arctic Centre’s Research Professor, Florian Stammler and Chair of the Sámi Climate Council, Klemetti Näkkäläjärvi. Moreover, we learn about First Nation perspectives in the work of Supreme Audit Institutions with interviews from Assistant Auditor-General Claudia Migotto and First Nations Performance Audit Leader Carla Ware from the Audit Office of New South Wales in Australia.

The final two interview videos cover the current situation in sustainability reporting with insights from Head of Sustainability Reporting Policy at Amazon, Katharina Bryan, International Director at CIPFA, Khalid Hamid and Head of Public Sector at ACCA, Alex Metcalfe. Jerry DeMarco who is Commissioner of the Environment at the Office of the Auditor General of Canada and Aeree Joy Kim who is Senior Economic Affairs Officer and the lead of Economic and Fiscal policy at UNEP also share their experiences on how sustainability and environmental goals can be taken forward nationally as well as internationally.

In addition to the videos, INTOSAI WGEA published a video kindly provided by SAI New Zealand which addresses building trust and confidence with New Zealand’s Indigenous population as well as enhancing SAI New Zealand’s impact on Tea Ao Māori. The video is also available on the INTOSAI WGEA Youtube channel.