Call for Nominations to the INTOSAI WGEA Award


Dear INTOSAI Members,

In the spirit of INTOSAI’s motto “Mutual experience benefits all”, the Chair of INTOSAI WGEA, Ms. Tytti Yli-Viikari is pleased to address you with two initiatives connected to the 20th Assembly Meeting of the INTOSAI Working Group on Environmental Auditing (WGEA) 19–21 January 2021.


Inspiration in Environmental Auditing – INTOSAI WGEA AWARD


“Inspiration in Environmental Auditing - INTOSAI WGEA Award” is a new initiative of the INTOSAI Working Group on Environmental Auditing. With the Award, INTOSAI WGEA wishes to promote a topical idea or innovation, which is closely related to environmental auditing. The Award will be made biennially, at the INTOSAI WGEA Assembly meeting. The first Award ceremony will take place in the virtual Assembly meeting in January 2021.


 First Award 2021: Best visualisation in an environmental audit

The topic of the first INTOSAI WGEA Award is the best visualisation in an environmental audit. The topic comes from a research paper Visibility of Environmental Auditing, which INTOSAI WGEA published in 2019. The starting point for the project was that increasing the visibility of audit reports helps SAIs to enhance the transparency and accountability of the use of public sector funds.

The importance of visual communication was found to be one of the strong trends in SAIs’ communication. This is in line with the general trend towards making audit reports shorter, plainer, and user-friendly. By choosing visualisations as a first topic for the INTOSAI WGEA Award, the Working Group wishes to make the SAI community aware of the importance of visualisations, such as infographics and other representations of information, to summarize audit findings.


1) The visualizations put forward for the award should a. be produced by a Supreme Audit Institution and b. address information related to a published audit or review addressing an environmental problem/programme/policy topic.

2) Candidates should send:

a) An illustration in pdf. or jpg. format;

b) A link to the audit report containing the visualisation;

c) A short account of the process for designing the illustration (how did the idea evolve, who did the drafting etc.) and how the visualization helped to attract the attention of audience;

d) Optionally, any other information that might be of interest e.g. on the response of the auditee or the audience.

Please provide your nominations by 30 November to the INTOSAI WGEA Secretariat We will provide you with an e-mail to confirm your submission.

INTOSAI WGEA project on visibility was part of the Work Plan 2017-2019 and it was led by the European Court of Auditors, with support of SAIs of New Zealand, Russia and USA. Representatives of these SAIs have been invited to the Award selection Jury.