The Agenda for the Virtual Assembly 2021 is now available!



Virtual Assembly 2021 –



The 20th INTOSAI WGEA Assembly is almost here! This year we will meet in a virtual venue and the agenda is filled with fantastic speakers, technical features and insightful case studies from all over the world. As the time zones make it difficult for all of our participants to follow the meeting, the sessions will be recorded so that they can be viewed later on. 

Focus on Circular Economy

The first day of the meeting focuses on Circular Economy. We will have top speakers from around the world providing insights on topics related to the policies and practices of circular economy as well as the NGO aspect.

The second day covers all the thematic topics of the INTOSAI WGEA Work Plan for  2020-2023. The sessions on plastic waste, climate finance and sustainable transportation will provide an overview to the progress of these work packages. The day will be highlighted with a panel discussion on these topics and their relationship to SDGs.

The third and the final day will have keynote speeches on the Global Sustainable Development report 2019 and on Covid-19 and its effects on our environment. Before the closing ceremony we will announce the first INTOSAI WGEA Award winner in the working group's history! 

The INTOSAI WGEA Secretariat looks forward to welcoming participants online in January!

Agenda now available

The preliminary Agenda you may find by clicking this link. All the times are in UTC time. The website of the meeting will be published in the near future.