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The 11th Survey on Environmental Auditing open until 5 April


The INTOSAI WGEA surveys which overview the global public sector environmental audit practices have been conducted among the INTOSAI members in every three years since early 1990s, each culminating with a report presenting the latest state-of-the-art environmental audit set-up and practices, substance and cooperation as well as the corresponding trends worldwide. This body of knowledge has helped to inspire, support and develop environmental auditing practices of SAIs around the world, as well as to shape the work plan of INTOSAI WGEA. Reports of past surveys may be accessed on the Publications section of our website.

The survey link has been sent to INTOSAI members in March. If your SAI has not received the link but would like to respond, please contact the INTOSAI WGEA Secretariat at intosaiwgea(at)

The survey is open until 5 April. We look forward to receiving your responses as they will help us write a comprehensive survey report as well as plan the WGEA's future activities!