19th Steering Committee meeting kicks off new projects under the 2023-25 Work Plan


The 19th INTOSAI WGEA Steering Committee meeting takes place in Rabat, Morocco 13-16 March. This is the first Steering Committee meeting under the work plan for 2023-2025. It brings together participants from 20 different member SAIs with the aim to kick off the projects under the new work plan. The meeting is hosted by the Court of Accounts of the Kingdom of Morocco. Exactly at this time of year, three years ago, SAI Morocco was prepared to host the 17th Steering Committee meeting but then the pandemic hit the world. So now we are happy to have the chance to get back to the plan from three years ago!

The meeting takes place as an in-person workshop focusing on finalizing the project plans under two hubs: 1) Climate Change and Biodiversity, and 2) Green Economy. In addition to introducing the draft project plans, the participants will discuss the project methodology and desired outcomes.

The meeting includes an official business meeting to discuss and make decisions i.e. on the upcoming INTOSAI WGEA meetings, a pilot on Twinning/Mentoring project for member SAIs and the plans concerning the 2023 UN Climate Change Conference (UNFCCC COP 28).

Please follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn to get the most recent meeting updates. A meeting summary will be shared with WGEA member SAIs on the INTOSAI WGEA website after the meeting.