Wednesday 24 January: WGEA Assembly and IDI GFU Workshop

What's on Agenda?

The third day of the Assembly includes the INTOSAI WGEA Assembly business meeting and the continued IDI GFU workshop on Strategic Response to Climate Change for SAIs.


Assembly Business Meeting

The Assembly Business Meeting starts with the presentations on the WGEA Progress in general issues (WGEA Secretariat), and training activities (SAI India & SAI Estonia). It continues with panel discussions on collaborative projects (SAI Brazil & IDI) and on regional activities (SAIs of New South Wales, Brazil, China, Morocco, Nigeria & Poland).

The programme continues with the adoption of novel WGEA Assembly Recommendations which are based on the topical issues and lesson learnt during the Assembly. Finally, the successful nominations will be rewarded during the WGEA Award Ceremony concluding the meeting agenda. The topic of the Award is impactful environmental audit.

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