The regional sub-committee for the ARABOSAI Environmental Auditing Affairs comprises eight countries: Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Libya, Morocco, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Tunisia. The SAI of Kuwait is the sub-committee chairperson.

At its twenty-seventh meeting, the ARABOSAI Governing Board approved the environmental sub-committee’s activity plan. The primary elements of this plan are as follows:

  • to determine the objectives of the sub-committee’s activity plan, design a work strategy, and adopt a detailed plan for achieving these objectives;
  • to prepare a draft questionnaire to be sent to all sub-committee members and, via the ARABOSAI General Secretariat, to all member countries for consideration and comment; and
  • to charge the SAI of Egypt with contacting audit institutions and organizations, as well as regional and international authorities to provide it with all documents pertaining to environmental affairs. This is a preliminary step towards establishing a useful information base for undertaking regional committee activities.

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