Training Dates & Material

Training Dates & Material

The Environmental Auditing Training Program

The Working Group on Environmental Auditing (WGEA) and the INTOSAI Development Initiative (IDI) are partners in developing and delivering a two-week training course on environmental auditing for supreme audit institutions (SAIs). Through this partnership, the IDI’s training expertise and infrastructure will be combined with the Working Group’s subject matter expertise to produce a training program that helps build environmental auditing capacity within the audit offices of INTOSAI members.

The courses designed by IDI training specialists have a learner-centered participatory approach and reflect the needs of regions. They include a standardized design for course materials and detailed instructor manuals.


The training course was developed over a ten month period. A key first step of this collaborative project has been to define the objectives and curriculum for the course. Once approved by the WGEA Assembly, the objectives and curriculum will then be used by the IDI training specialists to develop the course materials and program. Key steps and project milestones are the following:


  • November 2002 (Oslo, Norway) – Meeting of invited subject matter experts, drawn from the WGEA membership, to define the basic objectives and curriculum of the training course.
  • January 2003 (Heredia, Costa Rica) – Review and approval of project objectives, milestones, and draft course curriculum by WGEA Steering Committee.
  • June 2003 (Warsaw, Poland) – Approval, by the WGEA Assembly, of project objectives, milestones, and curriculum.
  • June 2003 (Oslo, Norway) – A one-week environment and sustainable development seminar for the IDI training specialists, staged by the SAI of Canada, designed the training course.
  • August-September 2003 (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) – Course design workshop led by the IDI.
  • November 2003 (ASOSAI Region – Antalya, Turkey) – Delivery of first pilot course.
  • February 2004 (AFROSAI Region – Kenya) – Delivery of second pilot course.
  • November 2004 (OLACEFS Region - Colombia) - Translation, adaptation and delivery of course in Spanish.
  • April 2005 (OLACEFS Region - Honduras) - Translation, adaptation and delivery of course in Spanish.

IDI Contact(s)

Mrs. Else Karin Kristensen
Deputy Director General
INTOSAI Development Initiative
c/o Riksrevisjonen
Postbox 8130 Dep
N-0032 Oslo

Tel: +47 21 54 08 12
Fax: +47 21 54 08 50

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