Sustainable energy training materials

Sustainable energy training materials

The SAI of Czech Republic has developed a one-day classroom training course on the topic of sustainable energy which bases on INTOSAI WGEA guideline Auditing Sustainable Energy: Guidance for Supreme Audit Institutions (published 2010; Project Leader: the SAI of Czech Republic). The training course was conducted prior to the annual EUROSAI WGEA meeting on Texel, Netherlands in October 2010.

Training course materials


1. Introduction

2. Basic information on sustainable energy issues

3. Governmental response to the sustainable energy issue

4. Approach to choosing audit topic and design the audit/audit questions

5. Audit execution and reporting

6. Financial means allotted to support programmes for energy production from renewable energy resources - case presentation by the SAI of Czech Republic

7. Auditing Green Investment Scheme in the Czech Republic - case presentation by the SAI of Czech Republic

8. EU emission trading system and its effects on Estonian energy sector - case presentation by the SAI of Estonia

9. Auditing sustainablity of energy: How energy price regulation influences sustainability of energy systems? - case presentation by the SAI of Estonia

10. The contribution of joint venture agreements between the Flemish government and municipalities to sustainable energy policy - methodological issues - case presentation by the SAI of Belgium

12. Wrap up and conclusion



Ms Regina Charyparová

Director, Regional department IX. Pilsen

Supreme Audit Office of the Czech Republic

Tel: +420 233 045 690


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