Greening SAIs Pilot Training Materials

Greening SAIs Pilot Training Materials

This training was held to test the training-tool package that was developed by SAI of Estonia and European Court of Auditors as part of the Work Plan 2017-2019. Thirty participants from 18 SAIs participated in this training. The trainers were Ms. Viire Viss from SAI of Estonia, Ms. Jerneja Vrabic and Ms. Dilyanka Zhelezarova from European Court of Auditors (ECA) who had been involved in developing the training modules. The modules itself was a continuation of an earlier project in previous Work Plan and has been published in 2016 with the same title.

The training mainly focused on how to start greening activities at the office level and what are the easiest and common greening activities to implement. There were 9 main sessions in the one-day training which include the introduction of what is greening, how to start it, how to implement it, and continuously improve it. By the end of the training, the participants were expected to understand the principles of greening office and could initiate the greening activities within their respective SAIs.

The training materials can be found HERE.

While the the evaluation report on the one day training held can be found HERE.

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