WGEA focus areas in 2020- 2022
July 5th

Climate Finance, Plastic Waste, Sustainable Transport, and Policy Coherence

Important themes to be discussed among the INTOSAI WGEA members!


Agenda covers the thematic focus areas of INTOSAI WGEA

The second day of the meeting is dedicated for the thematic topics of the INTOSAI WGEA Work Plan for 2020-2022, namely climate finance, sustainable transport, plastic waste and policy coherence. All the topics will have their own sessions chaired by the work package leaders as follows:

  • Session on Climate Finance: Funding mechanisms, challenges, and audit approaches, Chaired by SAI USA


  • Session on Sustainable Transport: The Role of Auditing Sustainable Transport to the Achievement of SDGs and Paris Agreement on Climate Change

Transport plays a crucial role in economic and social development as it can strengthen connectivity at all levels, stimulate economic integration, improve social equity, enhance rural-urban linkages, and build resilience. The session aims to raise the awareness of SAI community about the importance of promoting sustainable transport to achieve SDGs and Paris Agreement through audit. By the end of the session, it is also expected that all meeting participants comprehend the importance of auditing sustainable transport and make use of the upcoming publication of Guidance of Auditing Sustainable Transport developed by INTOSAI WGEA in their audits.


  • Session on Plastic waste: Focus on Indian Ocean


  • Session on Policy coherence and multistakeholder engagement


During these sessions we will present the 2020-2022 Work Package reports and further elaborate on these topics. At the end of the second day we will have a group work on WGEA Work Plan for 2023-2025.





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