Final day of the 20th INTOSAI WGEA Assembly
21st January

Inspiring keynote speeches and going through the Work Plan of 2020-2022

The final day of the Assembly will consist of interesting keynote speeches as well as sessions on all the remaining work packages of the INTOSAI Work Plan 2020-2022.


Inspiring keynote speeches


After the virtual morning coffee, we will have keynote speeches from Eeva Furman (Director of the Environmental Policy Centre of the Finnish Environment Institute) and Christian Kroll (Bertelsmann Stiftung). Ms Furman will present the Global Sustainable Development Report (GSDR2019) and systemic thinking, while Mr Kroll provides us insights to Covid-19 and its linkages to the environment.


Going through the rest of the INTOSAI WGEA Work Plan 2020-2022 progress


At 9:30 UTC we will have a chance to hear the latest news from out Regional WGEAs via videos, and gain knowledge on what is happening within the WGEA community around the world.


After traveling around the world, we will go through the remaining work packages in the following order

  • 10 UTC Session on Experience Sharing and Capacity Building
  • 11 UTC Interactive session on the WGEA Past and the Future
  • 11:45 UTC Session on Policy Coherence in the context of SDGs
  • 13:30 UTC Session on Effective Communication and Stakeholder relations


All the above-mentioned sessions include several case examples from Supreme Audit Institutions globally and will provide an extensive overview on the work of INTOSAI WGEA.


The first ever INTOSAI WGEA Award Winner will be announced


The INTOSAI WGEA Virtual Assembly 2021 hosts the first ever Award ceremony! The Inspiration in Environmental Auditing -  INTOSAI WGEA Award” is a new initiative through which INTOSAI WGEA wishes to promote a topical idea or innovation closely related to environmental auditing. In the future, the Award will be presented biennially at the INTOSAI WGEA Assembly meetings.


The first INTOSAI WGEA Award 2021 focuses on the best visualization in an environmental audit. An independent jury has gone through the submissions and will announce the winner of the Award before the closing ceremony of the 20th Assembly meeting.


We are excited to see what kind of visualizations have been nominated and which visualization will be awarded by the jury!


Materials for the session


Some of the presentation materials can be found below. You will need log in credentials, which you should have received together with the email containing the link to join the INTOSAI WGEA Virtual Assembly meeting. In case you have problems accessing the materials, please contact


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