Welcome to the 20th INTOSAI WGEA Assembly Meeting 19-21 January

Welcome to the 20th INTOSAI WGEA Assembly website! Here you will find all the information you need to know about the INTOSAI WGEA Assembly 2021 – Rethinking Circularity! The Assembly will have a virtual venue for the first time in history. INTOSAI WGEA Assembly is organized biennially and its targeted at INTOSAI member institutions and INTOSAI WGEA’s stakeholders.


So welcome on board to this fantastic three-day-journey hosted by the National Audit Office of Finland. During the event we will have the chance to listen to several interesting keynote speeches, see the progress of INTOSAI WGEA work packages, and to exchange information related to our INTOSAI WGEA work.



The first day of the Assembly will be dedicated to circular economy with an aim to familiarize participants with the concept and to explore how auditors could apply it in their work. The roots of the circular economy concept as well as its applications will be discussed, aided by contributions from key international experts from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, United Nations Environment Programme and Sitra Foundation. Practical policy and audit examples will be explored to inspire the participants.


On the second and third days of the Assembly, topics in the Work Plan 2020-2022 will be covered: plastic waste, international climate finance, sustainable transport, environment-related Sustainable Development Goals, capacity building and communication. Progress of all work plan items will be introduced, and participants can share relevant audit experiences as well as suggest ideas and input to the further work of the projects. Experts from the United Nations Environment Programme, United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, have been invited to help frame discussions. The effect of the Covid-19 pandemic on the environment and the value of systemic thinking are further agenda highlights supported by representatives from the Finnish Environment Institute and Bertelsmann Stiftung.


The meeting materials are available to registered participants through the login in the top-right corner. 


Registrations to the Assembly are open and a corresponding link has been sent to all INTOSAI members. Please contact the WGEA Secretariat at intosaiwgea@vtv.fi for further information.


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