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Focus on waste

Waste is a growing problem that affects local communities, cities, and regions and is increasingly becoming a global concern. When it is not handled properly, waste poses a great threat to the well-being and health of humans and animals and can cause major deterioration of the environment.

Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) all over the world have recognized this problem and have chosen to increase the authorities' awareness and responsibility by exposing the insufficient waste management in their countries. This awareness will help improve the quality of waste management and, as a result, improve public health and the environment.

The Working Group on Environmental Auditing (WGEA) adopted waste as the central theme of its work plan for 2002–04 and extended it for the 2005–07 plan. The WGEA decided to make information on waste accessible for all of INTOSAI members and the general public. The Focus on waste home page provides information on how to audit waste and waste management and may be a useful starting point for SAIs that are planning audits on waste issues.

The following are links to other relevant homepages on waste issues. We do not guarantee the quality of the information the links provide.  

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